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byBrydon is a full service invitation and stationery design company based in Newport, RI. Brydon knows that weddings get expensive, and believes that beautiful custom invitations don't have to be.  With a background in graphic design and visual art, Brydon enjoys using a combination of media including watercolors, calligraphy, pen and ink, and her computer to create unique pieces for each client.  


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Fun twist on Save-the-Dates

Brydon Holsey

Let me start off by saying that the majority of this gorgeous work is done by my good friend Camille Conover, who happens to share the same passion for beautiful creations as I do. This save the date was crafted through her vision and beautiful hand-lettering ability.  I just happened to have the right applications to put it all together. 

Camille and Dennis both grew up on the ocean, and share a passion for boats and sailing. It only seemed fitting that their save-the-dates incorporated this vintage chart from where Camille grew up sailing. 

After creating the lettering for the actual card, I overlaid it on the oversize 12" x 18" chart.  After some minor color tweaks and brightening the chart up a bit, it was ready for print!  Camille hand addressed all of the envelopes in a beautiful blush pink.  Her choice of stamps tied in nicely with the natural vibe of these beauties.


I absolutely love how these turned out, and while my brush lettering is a work in progress, I hope many more of these will cross my desk in the future!