Brydon Holsey
Brydon Holsey

Maine Oyster Company

Maine Oyster Company: Project Overview


Fully Responsive

The Maine Oyster Company is a brand new company which has a restaurant and farm stand, both of which serve oysters grown and farmed locally in Maine. The owner converted an old general store, which sits right on the ocean, into his oyster growing home-base. He wanted to keep the old general store feel while still keeping the aesthetic fresh and new. Using a nice serif font in the logo and headers to keep some of the “old” feeling, paired with Montserrat, a clean and more modern look helped me achieve the aesthetic the owner was looking for. The site is relatively simple, using ample white space between sections as well as spacing out the typography for readability. Feature sections are clearly established on the home screen in all formats.


Phone Mocks

As the screen size gets smaller this template is designed to keep full functionality and navigation, scaling it down while simplifying the design. The navigation slides in from the right of the screen, and stretches the full length of the phone. This allows plenty of space for adding additional navigation in the future if needed. Feature photos remain at the top of each chapter, but scroll with the page if text extends beyond the screen. The home page features three navigation items that the owner emphasized as needing a feature spot. Fonts are kept clean and simple using a combination of Montserrat and Playfair Display. Playfair Display helps tie in the feel of the logo, which uses Anaktoria.


Harvest on the Harbor annual event

The Maine Oyster Company was one of the featured vendors this year at Harvest on the Harbor in Portland, Maine. I had to combine the two styles to create a cohesive “passport” book for customers to have some information about the event as well as the various oyster farms and growers participating. The cool dark teal color was an accent that the owner wanted to use throughout his marketing print material. The red accents provided nice contrast, making important information easy to find and clearly legible.